Depth in Green


Another picture from Hampton Court this time, I’ve used depth of field to draw additional attention to the statuette in the foreground. I like the contrast between the greys and greens, and also the positioning within the image.


Rock Flower


It’s not everyday you get such a bright flower poking its head out of a rock.


Design, Other

I don’t know if anybody caught the Oscar winning Paperman, I thought it was an amazing piece of animation. Check it out on YouTube but the design and nature of colour within the short film was really great.

Vapour Lines


Vapour TrailsLines and curves working together, blues and browns working together. Oh and you may have noticed that smudge in the top right hand corner, that’s in all of my photographs and although I know it’s something inside my camera lens and an eye sore, I like to think of it as a bit of a querky trademark 🙂

Humour, Wit and Satire


The use of graphic design to create strong emotive opinions is very useful in current politics, economics and society. Images can be humorous, political or artistic and many images are completely open to interpretation. Have a look at these four images, what do you think their meanings are?






Other, Photography

Den HaagSo as some of you may know I have been away from this blog recently as I have just completed Leeds RAG Jailbreak in aid of the MS Society. I personally have managed to raise over £800 for the MS Society and Jailbreak as a whole has raised over £17,000 for worthwhile causes. I managed to reach The Hague within 36 hours without spending a  penny and I’d like to thank those that supported me. You can still donate at

By reaching the Netherlands I was able to take some great pictures in both The Hague and Amsterdam, like the one shown.  There plenty of great opportunities to take great photographs will have to go back to further explore all the nooks and crannies. If you would like to see more of the photos I took in the last week leave a comment and let me know!!



Church and Charity

Other, Photography

ChurchThis is a nice picture of a church tower with rich colours and nice colour contrast. I am participating in Leeds RAG Jailbreak tomorrow so I won’t be able to post for the next couple of days. It’s a competition for charity to see who can travel the furthest away from Leeds in 36 hours, I am fundraising for the MS Society in aid of my mum who has multiple sclerosis. Any donation, large or small, that you can spare will be greatly appreciated and go to a great cause. You can donate at, thank you.