Image and the Beat

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As a student I naturally use YouTube to listen to music occasionally to save myself a few penny’s here and there. I realised that music videos are starting to get very trendy and some have really great cinematography and meaning; ergo I thought it would be good to share these two here. What do you think of these videos? Let me know by dropping me a comment 😉


My Inspiration #6: Portal

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I love portal graphic art, it is so amazingly simplistic and utilises vivid colour amongst a gloomy background. It shows off the core principles of the game in an easy to understand manner.


My Inspiration #5: Mondrian

Design, My Inspiration

Mondrian World MapThe use on Mondrian design can be applied across a vast array of mediums. I find this example of a Mondrian world map very inspirational, it takes the traditional Mondrian principles of order and vivid colours and uses them in this creative canvas.

My Inspiration #4

Design, My Inspiration

Tech St LouisDynamic design can be found in posters and visual media, but also in documents, reports and journals. This use of creative design demonstrates how imagery can change the emotive and visual properties of a document. The data is shown in a creative manner which is very beneficial, I find this document to be a good piece of inspiration for my own designs.


My Inspiration #1

Design, My Inspiration

Krzysztof Iwanski

Polish graphic designer Krzysztof Iwanski is one of the designers I have personally looked at for inspiration in my own projects. These designs are excellent examples of his skills in graphic design and typography.