Colour of Business

Colour, Design

True Colour InfographicI recently used this infographic in a report on colour semantics and I thought it was interesting to see how emotions are affected by colour. Do you agree with the emotions shown for each colour?




Design, Other

I don’t know if anybody caught the Oscar winning Paperman, I thought it was an amazing piece of animation. Check it out on YouTube but the design and nature of colour within the short film was really great.

Humour, Wit and Satire


The use of graphic design to create strong emotive opinions is very useful in current politics, economics and society. Images can be humorous, political or artistic and many images are completely open to interpretation. Have a look at these four images, what do you think their meanings are?





My Inspiration #6: Portal

Colour, Design, My Inspiration


I love portal graphic art, it is so amazingly simplistic and utilises vivid colour amongst a gloomy background. It shows off the core principles of the game in an easy to understand manner.


Tabula Peutingeriana

Art, Design, Other

Tabula PeutingerianaAside from being what is probably the widest image I’ve ever seen (click on the image if you don’t believe me, don’t forget to zoom into it’s full size!) the┬áTabula Peutingeriana is an amazing piece of ancient cartography. Once you get your head around where everything is it’s an extraordinary item. I do feel it has an element of art and design, which is especially noticeable around Rome in particular. Good old Romans …


My Inspiration #5: Mondrian

Design, My Inspiration

Mondrian World MapThe use on Mondrian design can be applied across a vast array of mediums. I find this example of a Mondrian world map very inspirational, it takes the traditional Mondrian principles of order and vivid colours and uses them in this creative canvas.

My Inspiration #4

Design, My Inspiration

Tech St LouisDynamic design can be found in posters and visual media, but also in documents, reports and journals. This use of creative design demonstrates how imagery can change the emotive and visual properties of a document. The data is shown in a creative manner which is very beneficial, I find this document to be a good piece of inspiration for my own designs.