Image and the Beat

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As a student I naturally use YouTube to listen to music occasionally to save myself a few penny’s here and there. I realised that music videos are starting to get very trendy and some have really great cinematography and meaning; ergo I thought it would be good to share these two here. What do you think of these videos? Let me know by dropping me a comment ­čśë




RememberHere’s an illustration that I did way back, apologies for the poor quality but I had to take a picture of it on my retro Nokia


Tabula Peutingeriana

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Tabula PeutingerianaAside from being what is probably the widest image I’ve ever seen (click on the image if you don’t believe me, don’t forget to zoom into it’s full size!) the┬áTabula Peutingeriana is an amazing piece of ancient cartography. Once you get your head around where everything is it’s an extraordinary item. I do feel it has an element of art and design, which is especially noticeable around Rome in particular. Good old Romans …