Look Up

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Amsterdam Centraal Station


Long Time No Post


It’s been a long time since I have been able to sit down and post something to this blog, what a busy few months! So here’s a photo from the Isle of Wight ferry to get us back up and running!


Image and the Beat

Art, My Inspiration, Photography

As a student I naturally use YouTube to listen to music occasionally to save myself a few penny’s here and there. I realised that music videos are starting to get very trendy and some have really great cinematography and meaning; ergo I thought it would be good to share these two here. What do you think of these videos? Let me know by dropping me a comment 😉

Colour of Business

Colour, Design

True Colour InfographicI recently used this infographic in a report on colour semantics and I thought it was interesting to see how emotions are affected by colour. Do you agree with the emotions shown for each colour?


Smooth Lights


Light StreamHi again, shutter speeds this time, these are some of my favourite pictures to take. It’s always a nuisance though as I never have a tripod with me when I go to take these so I end up standing at the craziest angles for a minute …